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Our trailblazing new ebike scheme for businesses looking to cut their carbon emissions and support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

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We are working on a system for guide prices. Currently second-hand e-bikes don’t have the historical data in the right quantities for us to give you an accurate estimate. We suggest you look at other similar models for sale and price yours accordingly.

The costs breakdown can be found on our Advertise With Us page.

To ride an e-bike (ie one that the motor gives assistance up to 15.5mph) then you don’t need a license but you do need to be over 14.

The battery is removed and taken inside for recharging, just as you would your mobile phone.

Yes! It is just a regular bike if you’ve run out of charge.Yes! It is just a regular bike if you’ve run out of charge.

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We want you to be satisfied that you are buying a genuinely for sale e-bike. We don’t want you to unknowingly purchase a stolen electric bike. We recommend you check your prospective purchase on BikeRegister to ensure that everything is legitimate. BikeRegister is used by every police force in the country, so we strongly advise you use it too: