About Us

Where it all started

ewheelers was born from a Yorkshire-based e-mountain bike enthusiast looking to upgrade his e-mountain bike. He wanted to sell his old e-bike and buy a new one but found there was no dedicated space to do this.

Yes, he could have listed it on eBay and lost 10% of the sales price in final value fees. He could have listed it on Facebook Marketplace but that would only be in the local area (and he’d have to be on Facebook to do that too).

Frustrated with what the market offered today, he decided to start his own website aimed at all e-bikes: road, mountain, hybrid, tricycles, cargo … for all users: the dedicated, the starter, the commuter, the leisure cyclist. E-Scooters and other e-transport solutions (e-skateboards, e-hoverboards and so on) will be added when the Government legalises them for day-to-day use on public highways and byways.

The number one aim of ewheelers is to be easy to buy and sell your ewheels; but also to be a one-stop shop for information and a community for life on ewheels.