Frequently Asked Questions

Generel e-bike Questions

This is the million-dollar question. It depends on whether you want road, mountain bike, hybrid. Whether you want an e-bike or a s-pedelec. On your budget. On the wheel size preferred. Read the How-To-Guide: ebike Size page for more information on this topic.

To ride an e-bike (ie one that the motor gives assistance up to 15.5mph) then you don’t need a license but you do need to be over 14.

To ride a s-pedelec (ie one that the motor gives assistance up to 28.5mph) then you need to have the appropriate Compulsory Basic Training or if you had a full driving license before 1 February 2001 then you will be covered on that.

e-Bikes can be ridden wherever a standard push bike can be ridden. So, take advantage of the cycle paths and lanes that are around.

s-Pedelecs, however, must be ridden on the roads. It is illegal for them to be ridden on the cycle paths and lanes (unless motorcycles are allowed).

The battery is removed and taken inside for recharging, just as you would your mobile phone.

From an e-bike point of view then the safety measures are the same as for a standard bike: helmet, lights, protective clothing, visible clothing (especially if riding at dusk / in the night). You may also like to have a helmet camera to document your journeys plus for evidence if there is an accident. Mirrors are also an optional extra to give you better visibility. It is not good practice to wear headphones when riding. As with driving any vehicle, using mobile phones is illegal. Insurance is optional.

From a s-Pedelec point of view, then the helmet must be a moped / motorcycle helmet and not a cycling helmet. Lights are required, as are mirrors. You will need to show number plates and have moped insurance for at least third parties. Again, do not wear headphones. Don’t use your mobile (or you could get points on your driver’s license). You may consider a helmet camera to document your journeys plus for evidence if involved in an accident.

An e-bike helps you exercise. You still have to pedal, but it helps take the strain out of the hills, increase your distance. It will give you more freedom to leave the car at home and be out in the fresh air.

To buy and ride an e-bike you need to be 14 years old. To buy and ride a s-pedelec then you need to be 17 years old and have passed your CBT.

Each bike will have its maximum weight. Please check with the manufacturer’s specifications for the model you are interested in.

Yes! It is just a regular bike if you’ve run out of charge.

As with ordinary bikes, then rain, snow and hail can damage paint work. You should only ride to the conditions for the health of your bike and yourself.

Before getting on an e-bike a good quality cycling helmet could save your life if you fall off. For a s-pedelec you must have a moped rated helmet.

In addition, you need good lights. Mirrors are a requirement on s-pedelecs and good practice on an e-bike.

As far as clothing goes, it really is up to you. You can wear your normal clothes or be lycra clad from top to toe.

Helmet cameras are great for documenting your journeys and for evidence if there is an incident.

The EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles) requirements mean that your e-bike must be pedalled for the bike to move forwards. If it is propelled by the motor on its own, then it is not EAPC compliant. There are also requirements about motor outputs. The e-bike needs to show the motor wattage or the name of the motor manufacturer as well as either the voltage or the maximum speed of 15.5mph.  There will be a plate / engraving with this information on it.

It is good practice and e-Wheelers strongly advises the use a cycling helmet for your own protection. For a s-pedelec then it is a legal requirement to wear a moped rated helmet (not a standard cycling helmet).

It is good practice to be insured on an e-bike. See our Insurance Page for more info.

For a s-pedelec it is a legal requirement to be insured.

An e-bike does not need to be registered with the DVLA.

s-pedelecs must be registered with the DVLA and have the corresponding registration plates.

For an e-bike no you don’t.

For a s-pedelec then yes it is a requirement, however, currently the VED rate is £0 as it is an electric vehicle.

For Sellers

We are working on a system for guide prices. Currently second-hand e-bikes don’t have the historical data in the right quantities for us to give you an accurate estimate. We suggest you look at other similar models for sale and price yours accordingly.

It can vary dependant on the cost of the bike. Please see our ‘How to sell with us‘ page for more information.

The potential buyer will drop you a message either asking questions or asking for a time to view the bike.

From you uploading the advert, and paying for it if you don’t have a credit account, then it will go live in a few minutes.

For Buyers

As a buyer, once you have agreed to purchase an e-bike arrange collection and then pay the seller directly once you are happy that the e-bike is the one for you.

Contacting a seller is easy. There is a messaging system built into the site for you to send enquiries and receive responses. For your own protection, you should only use this for contacting the seller.

Firstly, check the seller’s profile and reviews. Secondly, check the serial number in the database checker to ensure it is not a stolen bike. Thirdly, do not part with money until you have seen the e-bike and been able to check it personally. If you do have a bad experience  please let us know immediately and leave an appropriate review.

You can save searches, which will let you know when what you are looking for is listed on the site.

That is up to the individual seller and if they want to offer a trade-in service. If they don’t, you can  simply sell your e-bike on ewheelers.