Green & Wellbeing Cycle Scheme

Looking to improve staff wellness and boost your
green credentials?

The answer’s electric!

Partner with ewheelers to get your team and your business moving!

Help them to:

  • Feel more confident cycling
  • Build fitness at their own pace
  • Lower stress & improve mental health
  • Save money & help the environment
Helping your region achieve greener travel and improved physical and mental wellbeing.
  “I’ve noticed a significant difference in my health since riding to work”  

More than a staff benefit

  • A great green PR story
  • Measurably reduce your carbon footprint
  • Show that you support mental health & wellbeing
  • Reduce absences & improve productivity

24 month
cycle scheme

What you get:

10 new hybrid ebikes
Safe bike storage
Team building
Bike charging points
Training & maintenance
Cycle coaching
Road safety training
Account Manager support

Bolt on Experiences:

Team building
Additional coaching
Executive impact report

Get the wheels rolling on your environmental and employee health commitments. Enquire today!