E-bikes range in price from a few hundred to over £12,000. Your household or contents insurance may not cover your new e-bike effectively for theft, damage, accidents, third parties.

s-Pedelecs must be insured to be ridden on the roads.

There are various companies that specialise in e-bike and s-pedelec insurance, as many home or motorcycles insurers will not have clue.

As with car insurance, you can opt for third party or fully comprehensive.

To reduce insurance overheads ensure that your e-bike or s-pedelec is securely stored when at home; maintain good security locks when out and about; wear a helmet camera or a bicycle camera to show who was at fault in an accident; estimate the number of miles as accurately as you can, be honest about the type of riding you will be doing (commuting in heavy traffic, rural Sunday afternoon rides, mountain biking).

We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with cycle insurance specialists, cycleGuard!

Having been at the front of the pack for over 20 years, cycleGuard have a wealth of experience in meeting the varied needs of cyclists across the UK.

When you hop into the saddle of your eBike, you never know what’s around the corner. That’s why cycleGuard provides a flexible cover that has been designed with bike lovers in mind. With protection for theft, accidental damage, in-vehicle cover when you’re away from home and much more, you can enjoy the ride with cycleGuard.

What’s more, ewheelers customers get a special 10% discount on a cycleGuard policy!

Home insurance may not provide the right protection to be able to cover all of your needs as an eBike owner, which is where cycleGuard can help. Their specialist cover doesn’t just stop at your e-bike or mountain e-bikes either – you can keep your racing clothing and any cycle accessories covered too!

Check out their website for more information on cycleGuard’s cover for eBikes.