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How to take photos that sell

Use the maximum number of photos allowed to show your bike’s best features. The best images to help sell your e-bike is:

  • a side profile
  • a front profile
  • close ups of the battery and gears
  • close up of any marks or scratches
  • close ups of any special features like LCD screens or a bike rack


  • Use natural light and no flash
  • Include a common object for scale, such as a helmet
  • Show the bike from the side, the front.
  • Show close-ups of the gears, the wheel alignment, the battery, and the brakes, as well as any special features or extras your bike might have.
  • Shoot against a clean, simple background, without any clutter surrounding the bike.


Consider using videos as part of your listing

  • Take a video of your wheel alignment, and the wheel spinning.
  • Show close-ups of any special features of your bike
  • Show the battery, the brakes, and gears to show the condition of the bike.