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The Benefits of Commuting to Work on an Electric Bike

If you’ve never really fancied the idea of cycling in to work, it might be time to consider a slightly different alternative – commuting on an electric bike! With the added back-up of battery power, that gruelling commute can be transformed into a much more pleasurable journey. And there are so many other great reasons to go for it…

Great exercise
No need to fork out for a gym membership or get up at the crack of dawn in order to get your cardio in – when you cycle to work you can kill two birds with one stone, enjoying cardiovascular exercise but at the pace that’s right for you. If you need a breather, simply let the battery pick up the pace for you for a little while.

Time outdoors
Research has shown the positive impact spending time outdoors has on our mental health, but it’s something many of us still struggle to get enough of. By making cycling part of your daily routine you can enjoy the calmer state of mind that comes with spending time in nature – particularly if you are able to take a route to work away from busy roads. Try and find your ‘scenic route’.

Many people would like to make the switch to an electric car but are still priced out of the market at present. In comparison, an electric bike is a much more affordable option that means you are not contributing to carbon emissions and poor air quality as with a petrol or diesel engine.

Beat the traffic
Electric bikes are nippy things, meaning you can weave your way through traffic jams or use a sat nav to divert down a different route to arrive at your destination in good time. The battery allows you to ramp your speed up beyond what you could achieve with pure pedalling – perfect if you’re running late!

Arrive sweat-free
One of the main things that puts people off cycling to work is the thought of arriving red in the face and sweaty! If you’re blessed with an office with a shower yes you can wash and change when you arrive, but it all means extra time in the morning – and lugging in an extra set of clothes. Instead, take regular rests using your battery so you never get too hot and bothered.

While an ebike might cost you more than a regular bike, when you offset the cost against what you might pay on public transport or vs petrol and parking, you’re definitely on to a winner! Those monthly costs all add up and before you know it you can definitely justify the cost of an ebike with what you’d spend over a number of years. Ebikes do hold their value well too, so you can sell-up and level-up your bike at ewheelers when you’re ready.

So will you be making ebiking to work part of your 2022 plan? Take a look at our ebikes for sale.



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